OCT Angiography & ARMD

July 03, 2015

8 days after anti-VEGF injection:
angio-oct antivegf lucentis eyelea

June 19, 2015
Case #1
Traditional fluorescein angiography and oct-angiography on the same image:

oct angio fluorescein oct-angio superpo
Fluorescein angiography: Dr Xavier Benouaich, Toulouse, France
OCT-angiography Dr Jean-Michel Muratet, Pamiers, France

6 mm x 6 mm Retina OverVue
Dr Jean-Michel Muratet, France

armd angiovue angio-oct muratet dmla

6 mm x 6 mm Retina Angio Retina
armd angiovue armd angiography angioct dmla

3 mm x 3 mm
armd angiovue angioOCT octa

armd 3d angiovue dmla armd néovaisseau